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On this page you can see my product and what it is used for please show respect as much as you can. If you have any questions do not be afraid to contact us anytime.

Both parts of the Universal Flag Holder
Part B  and Part A

The Universal Flag Holder  is made out of PVC pipe and can be attachted to tombstones, houses, fences, and other serfaces with clear silicone. To attach them to tombstones only use part A with clear silicone.


$6.95 each


part A and B

The Universal Flag Holder can be used on a number of surfaces just remember when your putting it on the headstone just use part A with clear silicone so it will not hurt the headstone. Just a helpful tip use both parts on the house or other solid surfaces that does not move with the 11/2 in screw.

Also check out this site to see a video that has both the flag holder and Bud mcglothlin.



The Universal Flag Holder

            Part B                              Part A

This universal flag holder can be used on homes, headstones, RV's, boats, autos, in schools, farm equipment, and fence posts. This clever flag holder can attach anywhere a 12x18 flag is desired. Holder is a two-part bracket; use the flat piece with the flag holder by itself or use with the tapered adapter. Mount it with screws or silicone for permanent or temporary placement. Holder fits up to a 5/16th diameter for the staff.


Universal Flag Holder
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